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Reference Sires Star Dust Sheep Farm
Stardust 14090
StarDust 14059

This was our high selling $8, 000.00 ram lamb that sold in our 2014 spring online sale to Rod Phillips of Phillips Family Show Lambs in Ohio.
His mother was the 2012 Supreme Registered Ewe at Ohio State Fair (StarDust 12016). She is a Big Casino on StarDust #1 (StarDust 10086).  Who is also Midas' s mother. This ewe is a repeat at producing great breeding stock.
Big Casino was the pick of Clair Dorsets in Jan 2012. Thank you Brad for letting us select this ram.
We would like to thank the Phillip's family for letting us bred a hand full of ewes to him last fall.
We will be posting a more currant picture of him this spring.
Both ewes have lambed already this year. StarDust 2016 has an other outstanding ram lamb. StarDust 10086 has a really nice ewe lamb in the last week. Drop in and have a look .
Star Dust Winner

Supreme Registered Breeding Ewe
Champion Dorset Ewe
2012 Iowa State Fair 4-H Show

Champion WBI
2012 Western Iowa Progress Show Doubleheader
2012 River Classic Showdown Doubleheader

Reserve WBI
2012 HYSLC Spring Kickoff
2012 Focus on Youth Doubleheader
2012 Benton County Fair Open Show

Owned and shown by Wes Kaufman
Big Casino x #1 daughter




Stsrdust Sheep Farm Stsrdust Sheep Farm
Stardust 14090
Total Definition​ x Duke Daughter 08080




Stardust Ram
Dangerous Game
Bred & Raised by Stardust
Owned with Daniels Club Lambs
Sired by Rhino/Harley - Star Dust Ram

Sire of $10,000.00 Dorset Res Champion Ram Mid West Stud Ram Sale




Stardust 14084
StarDust #1 x Wastney Ewe
Full Brother to 2012 Champion Dorset Market Lamb OYE




Dr. Oz
Dr. Oz
Star Dust 11024
Sire: Rhino
Dam: Harley daughter

This was one of the main barn burners last year!
We sure think he will be a fixer on a lot of things, his touch is outstanding, hide is super, and rack is outrageous.
His hip is very impressive and he sure does tie in good in his shoulders.
Dr. Oz is also as upstanding in the front end as you can make one.




Midas - Pictured in Fall of 2014 - 1 Year Old
Midas Midas Midas


Star Dust 13114 QR/NN Tw.
Sire - Spartan (Cayman /Duke)
Dam - Star Dust #1 (Doyle/Hambone)

We are really excited about this ram lamb. His hip shape is so level and square and he sure has the powerful hip shape. He has super rack shape and ties in good in the front end. And then there is the bone and the shag and he has the awesome shaped neck and head set that goes back to Hambone.
He walks out and moves so smooth, and he sure likes to show himself.
This breeding has sure proven themselves over the years.
His material sister was 2012 Champion Dorset ewe and then went on to be the Supreme Registered Ewe at the Iowa State Fair.





Sire - Dangerous Game
Dam - Star Dust 11047 Duke Daughter

We will have March and April lambs out of this young Stud Ram







total definition

Stillwell 1303QR/NN  Tw
Sired by High Definition
Dam Anderson 718 Red

He is pretty much the total package.  We were looking for an out cross to bring in and found one that went back to the Duke's Dollar that we only had a limited amount of lambs out of.High Definition goes back to Yard Dog on Star Dust 09030 which is a Duke's Dollar daughter. We have 09030's full twin sister in the flock and she is one of the best.

He sure is good shaped in over his top and into the rack and shoulder. Ties in very nice at the shoulders.
Has plenty of bone and shag.



Stardust Ram

Grand Duke
We were able to A.I. to him for 2013 Lambs!




Stardust Ram
Stardust Ram
Sire: Duke's Rascal
Dam: Grand Duke

We are sure excited about this ram Full of style, structurly correct and is so smooth on the move.
Lots of bone and shag,with plenty of thickness.

Owned with Hurliman Club Lambs






spartan spartan

Sire: Grand Cayman
Dam: Duke Daughter
April Triplet QR/NN

He carry's many features of Cayman, supper rack shape, wide hip, Bone, plenty of shag, and the refine front end of Duke.
And he carry's himself like a CHAMPION.
We only had a few lambs out of him last year in April.  One was the ram lamb that Chad Heisdorffer purchased and then we had a few ewe lambs. One of those was the ewe lamb that Enfield's purchased at Sedalia in the April Class. He will be the lead sire for the 2013 lamb crop. We are excited to see the lambs for this year.






Stardust Ram
Stardust Ram
Stardust Ram
Stardust 05-01
Sire: Star Dust 03-200 "HARLEY" (Sired by White Diamond (Daniels & Wills))
Dam: Star Dust 01-12 (YUKON x HAMBONE)

This Hambone ewe is the mother to the
2003 Champion & Reserve Champion Dorset Market Lambs at the Kansas State Fair.

Harley sired the 2004 Champion Dorset Market Lamb at the Kansas State Fair.

Bought by the David Allen Family - OK



Big Casino
Sire: Designer/White Diamond son

April 2012 - Tw - QR/NN

Bought by Jerry Dean - CA

Pay Out
Sire: Casino
Dam: Stylemaker Daughter

We want to thank Brad for letting us come and and pick out of the ram lambs this last spring.
Bought by Brad Anderson - Clair Dorsets



Stardust Ram
Grand Cayman
Star Dust 08103
QR Jan 2008

Sire: Grand Duke
Dam: Star Dust 903-her sire Hambone

We were able to A.I. to him for 2013 Lambs!
This ram has turned out to be what we thought he would be. His mother had a lamb patterned just like him every year. They were always the first lambs selected off the farm. He continues to throw the style and the hip and Grand Duke just added to the package. We limited our breeding on him last year as he was selected by Hewlett Club Lambs and was at their place. We will be breeding around 20 ewes to him this year with lambs coming in the fall. This ram has had his offspring make a mark already with the Champion & Reserve Champion Dorset Rams at the 2009 Black & White Club Lamb Sale.

Click here for extended pedigree
Sire: Expo (Star Dust #1/ Wastney Ewe) - Full Brother to 2012 OYE Champion Dorset Mkt Lamb
Dam: Star Dust #1

June 2012 - RR/NN



Stardust Ram
Stardust Ram
Yard Dog
Sire: Grand Duke
Dam: White Diamond son
click here to view full pedigree

We will be having lambs out of Yard Dog the first of January.

We have sold 1/2 interest in Yard Dog to Northern Oklahoma College & Amber Allen.

Huntrod's Rhino
Sire: Grand Duke
Dam: Star Dust (Hambone daughter)

Maternal brother was 2006 NAILE Champion Dorset Market Lamb
& 2007 NWSS Reserve Champion Dorset Market Lamb



Photo Coming Soon
Photo Coming Soon
Huntrod's Rhino

Huntrod's Rhino

Would like to thank the Huntrod Family for letting us purchase this ram lamb last spring.

We were sure impressed with his bone and correctness when we spotted him as a lamb.



Photo Coming Soon
Photo Coming Soon
Huntrod's Rhino

Sire: Cayman
Dam: Grand Duke Daughter

This ram has a top in him from the neck, to the tip of his dock and is very wide in his pin set.
Leased to Hurliman Dorsets

Stardust 09162

Sire: Duke's Rascal
Dam: Duke Daughter

Sold to Hurliman Dorsets
Retained breeding rights to him



Stardust Ram
Stardust Ram

Sire: Rhino (Huntrods)
Dam: White Diamond ( Daniels )
Champion Dorset Ram 2004 MWSRS

Sold 1/2 interest to Myers Dorsets - Ohio

Sire: Journey
Dam: Ceaser daughter
From Allison McGolden & Family

We would like to thank the McGolden's for giving us an opportunity
to purchase this young sire for our breeding program.



Photo Coming Soon
Stardust Ram
Stardust 09162

Sire: Weatherby
Dam: Kodak daughter


We would like to thank Ott's for letting us  purchase this ram lamb at private treaty.



Stardust Ram
Stardust Ram
Power Dunkin
2003 Ram

Partners with Star Dust include:
Kool Runnings, Brian Nelson, Collins Club Lambs,
Wade Collins

Purchased from the Dale's
Jointly owned with Wade Collins (Collin's Club Lambs)

Sire: Vision

Purchased from J & J Show lambs
Owned with Kool Runnings and Collins Club Lambs



Photo Coming Soon
Stardust Ram
Duke's Dollar



Stardust Ram
Stardust Ram
Reference Sire- stardust
Sire: Bud-wis-er
Dam: Cabaniss 62 purchased in the 2001 Production Sale

Born in March 2003



Stardust Ram
Stardust Ram
Tombstone Topper
Sire: Cabaniss (Son of Levi)
Dam: Tombstone Daughter

Half-brother to Champion Hampshire at 2000 OYE
Bred by Suderman Club Lambs - Hillsboro, KS

Dealer x 18

Dealer is a Demon Son out of Conspiracy and
the Dam is Shell 260 which is a daughter out of Blue 6.

Purchased from Double S
Owned with Kool Runnings & Collins Club Lambs



Stardust Ram
Stardust Ram
Son of Pow-Wow

Purchased from Garvie Sheep in September 1999
Owned with Brian Nelson

Sire is White Diamond
(Champion Dorset at the 2003 Midwest Stud ram sale)
Dam is a Doyal 934 sired ewe
Born in April 2003 QR - NN

He sired the Res. Dorset ewe at the 2005 Midwest Elite Sale,
and the 2004 Reserve Champion Dorset Market Lamb
at the Cow Palace.

He sired the Reserve Champion Dorset ewe lamb at the Midwest Elite sale 2004. His lambs are very pretty and stylish.



Stardust Ram
Stardust Ram
Out of a Stewart ram and LaRosh ewe

This ram has sired champions for us for the last 3 years: Champion Dorset, 2000 Kansas State Fair
Champion Dorset, 2000 Kansas Futurity
Champion Dorset, 2000 Kansas Classic
Champion Dorset, 2000 Jasper Co. Fair
Champion Dorset, 1999 Kansas State Fair

Sire: Sonny (Cabaniss ram from Sedalia in 1997)
Dam: Cabaniss bred ewe

Half-brother to shropshires
at 2000 Black & White Club Lamb Country Sale.




Stardust Ram
Stardust Ram
Ott Too
Sire: Hero
Dam: Cabaniss ewe

Purchased jointly with Bill Mein in summer of 2000.



Stardust Ram
Stardust Ram





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