Stardust Sheep Farm Star Dust Sheep Farm




Ike x Stardust 10004(Duke Daughter)
Raised by Rowe's Club Lambs




Stardust 14090
Midas X Designer






Wizard Wizard
StarDust 14054 QR
OZ X StarDust 10004 Duke Daugh
Owned with Drier and LaRosh Club Lambs
Wizard Wizard




Donk Donk Donk
Sire - Little Ray x StarDust 08129 (Duke)




Buck Shot
Buck Shot
Buck Shot
Ammo - Johnson Club Lambs X Last Chance - Stitzlein Club Lambs
Bred by Schminke
Owned by Roy's Double R Livestock, Collins Club Lambs, Star Dust Sheep Farm






Sired by Johnson 56

We used this ram on most of our black faces and some Dorsets for speckles.
We were very pleased with our lambs. Tops were good in every lamb, structure was good and solid, big boned. Hamp type ewes lamb had shag, Suffolks gained bone and hair.
We have collected him and retained quite a few of his ewe lambs so we are going to offer him for sale.


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